2 Legacy Teams Enter State Cup Final Four

This past weekend marked a milestone for two Legacy teams. Last season the U18 Elite were able to advance to the Final 4 and this season both the U17 and U18 Elite groups will compete for the State Championship at the Final 4 weekend in November.  Currently both teams are 3-1 in their respective CCL seasons so far and both finshed 2nd in the Club Champion's League (CCL) standings last year.  Both groups head into this week knowing what needs to get done and as always; it starts in training. Good Luck in November at the Final 4!

VLSC CCL U17 Elite (Ranked #6)

1st Round: CUSC VSLI (Ranked #27) 7-0

2nd Round/Sweet 16: VAR Elite (Ranked #22) 1-0

3rd Round/Elite 8: SYA Strikers (Ranked #3) 3-1

4th Round/Final 4: To Play SOCA U17 Elite (Ranked #2)


VLSC CCL U18 Elite (Ranked #3)

1st Round: CHU 96B NPL Academy (Ranked #30) 5-0

2nd Round/Sweet 16: NRU 96 (Ranked #19) 3-0

3rd Round/Elite 8: VBTS Beach FC 95-96 Red (Ranked #6) 3-2

4th Round/Final 4: To Play ABGC Annandale United FC 96 (Ranked #2)


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