24 Legacy Players Named to ODP State Pool

24 Legacy Players Named to State ODP Pool

The Virginia Olympic Development Program (ODP) State pool has been announced and a few of the names are familiar to the Legacy family.  The Legacy would also like to acknowledge all of the players and families who have attended ODP training this fall in an effort to better themselves.  Last year Virginia Legacy had 19 players named to the state pool as opposed to this year's 24!  Legacy's level continues to grow with the hard work and dedication of each member.

Congratulations to each player who made this list and good luck towards the next level!

Legacy 2015-2016 Girls State Pool Selections

03 Girls

Claire Allburn - U13 CCL Elite


02 Girls

Paityn Aunapu - U14 CCL Elite


01 Girls

Brianna Behm - U15 CCL Elite

Sofia Fox - U15 CCL Elite

Abigail Heckler - U15 CCL Elite

Moira Thomson - U15 CCL Elite 

Isabelle Villareal - U15 CCL Elite


00 Girls

Madaline Allburn - U15 CCL Elite

Taylor Gubler - U15 CCL Elite


99 Girls

Kennedy Mills - U16 CCL Elite

Legacy 2015-2016 Boys State Pool Selections

03 Boys
Justin Frick - U13 CCL Elite

Parker Davis - U13 CCL Elite


02 Boys

Alexxio Gonzalez - U14 CCL Elite 

Josh Yi - U14 CCL Elite

Sam Weber - U14 CCL Elite

Eyuel Theodros - U14 CCL Elite 


01 Boys

Zac Brown - U16 CCL Elite

Isiah McGee - U16 CCL Elite 

Ethan McGee - U16 CCL Elite 


99 Boys

Antonio Gonzalez - U17 CCL Elite

Joe Brevard - U16 Wizards

Randy Perez - U18 EE Wizards


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