Legacy Coach Earns USSF C License

Congratulations to Legacy Coach Phil Brown! Phil earned his United States Soccer Federation (USSF) "C" License this past week!

The National "C" License course is designed to introduce concepts that are targeted toward coaching players ages 15-18. The course focus is on getting coaches to think about, discuss, and recognize the recurring concepts or themes that exist in soccer. Candidates will be challenged to find ways to offer constructive guidance to players while also allowing players to experience the game for themselves. The "C" License is approx 70 hours of classroom, field work and testing over 2 full weekends.

A primary emphasis in the National "C" License course is the close relationship between technique and tactics. In this course, technique and tactics will be addressed together. In practice field sessions and the final field exam, the candidate is required to address the impact that technique has on tactics. 

For more information please visit http://www.ussoccer.com/coaching-education/licenses/national-c

Three (3) General Goals of the National "C" License Course: 

  1. To prepare coaches to better recognize problems and solutions as they occur in the run of play and to communicate this information to their players, 
  2. To create rich soccer environments that allow players to grow, and 
  3. To provide a foundation for any coach wishing to pursue higher levels within U.S. Soccer's Coaching Education Program. 

The National "C" License course will also provide a foundation in the following areas: tactics, technique, methods of coaching and issues in youth player development, some of which have been introduced in the "D" License course, and will be expanded upon in the National "B" and National "A" License courses. These include but are not limited to the following objectives: 

  • Observe and identify the technical and tactical demands of the game. 
  • Focus on the application of technique and small group tactics in games up to 9v9 to big goals. 
  • Organize, develop and implement appropriate training sessions to correct and reinforce the demands of the game. 
  • Recognize soccer problems and offer appropriate technical and tactical guidance to the players. 
  • Develop a better understanding of the responsibilities of coaching. 

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