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Legacy teams have a great run in Virginia State Cup

Legacy teams have a great run in Virginia State Cup


This past Fall the U15 – U18 Elite Boys and Girls teams competed in the Virginia Youth Soccer State Championships.  The competition which begins with 32-40 teams; plays single elimination games until 8 teams remain then a round robin format is instituted to get to a Final 4 and eventually a champion.

This year the U15 Elite Girls, U16, U17 and U18 Elite Boys all advanced to the round robin Elite 8 round with multiple wins in the single elimination rounds.  During the Elite 8 round – the teams are split into two groups of 4 with the top two advancing to the prestigious VYSA Final 4.  The U17 Elite Boys finished second in their group with 6 points and advanced to the Final 4.  The U15 Girls, U16 Boys and U18 Boys all finished in a tie for second place in their groups and did not advance to the Final 4 on tiebreakers and goal differential. “It was a great accomplishment to get 4 teams to the Elite 8 rd and to be that close to having 4 teams reach the final 4 would have been an even greater feat. Unfortunately on the tie breaker rules we weren’t able to advance with 3 teams – but they proved they deserve to and can play against the best in the state – Bobby O’Brien (Technical Director)”

Unfortunately in the Final 4 – the U17 Boys incredible run fell short in a 2-0 loss to BRYC from Northern VA.  During the competition the U17 boys went 4 wins and 2 losses with both losses coming against the eventual champions and runners-up.