Mini-Camp Recap

Over 350 Players in Attendance!

On behalf of the Virginia Legacy coaches and staff I wanted to thank each of you that attended team camp last week and our final night club party.  The directors and coaches had a lot of fun getting to know all the kids and working with everyone and we hope you did the same.  Big shout out to all the All-Stars who beat the coaches in an exciting All Star match to bring the week to an end (7-6).  Aaron Kaye (U18 Wizards) led the way for the players scoring 5 second half goals to lead the comeback for the players who trailed 5-2 in the second half. All the players worked incredibly hard, had great attitudes, looked sharp and we couldn’t be more excited about the start of the season and practices next week. A special thanks also goes to all the sponsors who helped make the mini camp final night a success: Anna’s Brick Oven Pizza, Rita’s Ice and Dr. Lara Quinlan and Dr. Mike Potter for their roles in sponsoring the event for all the players. Keep up the hard work everyone and we will see you around on the fields!

All-Star Roster - be sure to congratulate them when you see them around:
Jacob Reimers (U15 Wizards), Kyle Wade (U15 Wizards), Mikhail Johnson (U15 Phoenix), Reeves Trott (U16 Wizards), Dylan Lorio-MacNamara (U16 Wizards), Juan Garcia (U16 Wizards), Jason Eckenrode (U16 Wizards), Gavin Homan (U16 Wizards), Spencer Satchell (U17 Wizards), Austin Matthews (U17 Wizards), Christian Murphy (U17 Wizards), Noah Gendron (U17 Wizards), Clay Van Gieson (U17 Wizards), Andrew Nicely (U17 Wizards), Jeff Wolons (U17 Wizards), Katherine Herold (U18 Phoenix), Rachel Brewer (U18 Wizards), Braden Johnson (U18 Titans), Daniel Gregory (U18 East End Wizards), Nick Dey (U18 Wizards), Michael Bly (U18 Wizards) and Aaron Kaye (U18 Wizards) Go Legacy! 


Visiting Brazlian Coaches

VCU Men’s Team 

Coach Johnny and Coach Brent

Mini-Camp All Stars and Coach’s Team

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