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Spring Advanced Development Program 2016

The Advanced Development Program (U6-U10 ADP) is the transition stage between the recreational side of the Virginia Legacy Soccer Club and the travel side. This player-centric program offers our younger players the opportunity to be exposed to a more focused soccer environment that will enhance their skills and approach to the game. 

The objective of the Legacy’s Advanced Development Program is to provide our youngest players with an environment that promotes learning, creative thinking, problem solving, skill development and love for the game in an age appropriate soccer environment. 

Goals of the Advanced Development Program:
To develop soccer players who are technically proficien and ready to join the ranks of our travel teams. We do this by providing a professional environment that promotes player growth through problem solving, creative thinking, and mastering techniques that become the building blocks of any good soccer player. We are not focused on any individual's or team's winning percentage, only their development. Building the foundation for new soccer players is more important than wins and losses, that will work itself out later in their careers if players have been taught the proper things. 

Our age appropriate curriculum has been put in place to provide our players with the fundamental skills that they will need as they continue to develop.  For this reason, our focus at these ages is to develop the individual and small group skills of our players. 

The ADP curriculum has three main branches.

Technical Skills

Motor Skills

Decision Making
Small group

ADP players will participate in smaller sided games, under differing conditions, that will promote the qualities that we look for in our youth players. By allowing for more touches on the ball, more creativity with the ball, more individual problem solving in the game environment, players are provided with a greater opportunity for successful development. 

ADP games will be played on Saturdays and Legacy’s professional staff will supervise all matches.  The objective of Saturday’s games is to promote and reinforce the skills and techniques worked on in training during the week.  While competitiveness is an integral part of the game, the main goal is for the technical and individual development of our players.  The Virginia Legacy staff’s primary focus is to ensure that our young players have a strong foundation in the basic soccer movements and soccer concepts that they can build on as they grow as players. 

ADP will now be in 4 Convenient Locations on the Peninsula
- Williamsburg (Williamsburg Legacy ADP) - REGISTER HERE FOR SPRING ADP!
- Newport News (East End Legacy ADP) - REGISTER HERE FOR SPRING ADP!
-Gloucester (Gloucester Legacy ADP) - REGISTER HERE FOR SPRING ADP!

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