Virginia Legacy Soccer Club

Practice Schedules

Winter 2019 Training
Winter 2019 training is for all Legacy Travel teams U10-U19.

Training begins January 7th and runs through February 28th.
All U16-U19 teams - we know that HS tryouts begin Feb. 18th. Your coaches will touch base with you after that date for teams that still have events/games on your schedule.
U15 teams - you will have a spring training and game schedule.

Click here for 2019 Winter Training Schedule
Please note that locations have changed with the winter training schedule. All teams scheduled for PS WMBG location have been moved to Laurel Lane Elementary School. Same times - just new location. 

Spring 2019 Training

Spring 2019 Training is for all Legacy Travel teams U10-U15.

Training begins March 4th and will run through May 16th.

Goal keeper training will also be offered in the spring of 2019 - Schedule is coming soon

Click here for Spring 2019 Spring Travel Team Practice Schedule - UPDATED AS OF FEBRUARY 11, 2019