VLSC Endorses VYSA Olympic Development Program

ODP Tryouts This Weekend

Message from our Director of Coaching

"The technical focus of the ODP program creates a great environment for our players the learn. The program will give them the opportunity to compete with the top players from around the region as well as learn from the professional coaching staff put together by the VYSA technical Staff."- Kelvin Jones (VYSA 



District ODP training is not just about the tryout process, but it provides yet another avenue from which players can grow and develop.  While a player’s club is his / her "home", district ODP training provides an environment where players are playing with and against the best players in their respective district.  It is also gives the state ODP staff a chance to work with, train and gather additional information on the players before the inter district play.

After the ten District ODP training sessions (two of which will be play days amongst the district pools) the state ODP pool will then be selected and the state ODP pool training will begin.  Scouting will be used to supplement the tryouts by identifying players that we either missed or deserve to be back in the program.  The two youngest age groups (this year’s 96, and 97) will continue to train through the early spring.  This will also serve as another avenue to get back into the state pools.  It is extremely important that quality players be part of the program beginning at the district level.  High level players that purposely bypass the district training in hopes of going straight into the state pool training exhibit characteristics that are not conducive to top flight soccer.  We are looking for players to play for the state that exhibit the skill as well as the character and work ethic to train at all levels of the program.



Information for new players entering the ODP system

New players entering into the Olympic Development Program for the first time and would like more detailed information about what to expect click here for an informative power point presentation.

Additional information for the Girls side of ODP click here.

If you can not attend ODP tryouts but still would like to be a part of the program or if you have any questions please contact Kelvin Jones at Kjones@valegacysoccer.com

Click Here for more information about the Olympic Development program.

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