VLSC Player of the Week

JaMarhe Wills

Every week the Virginia Legacy staff will select one of our travel players as the VLSC Player of the Week.  If you'd like to nominate a player, please email Ryan@valegacysoccer.com BY FRIDAY with details about how the nominee played the prior weekend (stats, scores, game details, ect) along with two pictures of them either playing, or wearing VA Legacy gear.  This week's selection is...

JaMarhe Wills

Congratulations to JaMarhe Wills of the East End U10 Wizards for being selected the VLSC Player of the Week.  Last week JaMarhe netted two goals in a 3-2 win over Beach FC.  The week prior, he notched two goals in a 7-1 victory over the VA Rush.  JaMarhe joined the Legacy this Spring and has enjoyed all of the positive coaching and training he's received.  Great job JaMarhe!

Taylor Carr

Congratulations to Taylor Carr of the U14 Phoenix for being selected as the VLSC Player of the Week.  Last week, Taylor and the Phoenix tallied shutouts in CCL League play, and the State Cup.  When asked how she prepares for games Taylor said, "I prepare for my games by listening to music on the way to the game. Then I stretch when I get to the field. When we start warm up I try to clear my head and focus on what I know about the team we are playing and what I can do to stop them from scoring. Right before the game starts, I always pray."  Taylor hopes to one day play soccer for the University of North Carolina.  Her favorite moment playing for the Legacy came during a tournament in Greensboro.  "We were in the semi finals playing the reigning 3 year champions. We ended up going into two halves of overtime and then sudden death PK's and we won."

Abby Heckler

Congratulations to Abby Helcker of the U13 Phoenix for being selected as the Virginia Legacy Player of the Week!  Abby and the Phoenix went 3-1 over the weekend at the Jefferson Cup Qualifier, securing them a spot in next year's tournament.  When asked what she likes most about playing for the Legacy, Abby said, "My team and my coaches.  They are my family.  I love them.  I have played with some of them for several years and others for just a year.  We get frustrated with each other at times, but we know we can count on each other, both on and off the field.  I have had great coaches.   They have shown me support, offered encouragement, taught me discipline, have given me feedback, and have taught me life lessons and leadership skills for on and off the field."  Her favorite player is Alex Morgan and she hopes to one day play for the United States Women's National Team.  "When you reach that level of play you are there because it is your passion in life and everyone has the same level of dedication and desire to play hard and succeed." 

David Glazner

Congratulations to David Glazner of the U12 Wizards for being selected the Virginia Legacy Player of the Week!  David and the Wizards will be competing in the upcoming Beach FC Classic on March 16-17.  David's favorite player is Tim Howard, and loves playing for the Legacy because all the players work hard and the coaches are superb.  If he could play for any team in the world it would be Everton.

Ali Furnas

Congratulations to Aly Furnas of the U11 Gryphons for being selected the Virginia Legacy Player of the Week!  Aly recently guest played with the U11 Phoenix and helped the team to a second place finish at the Ultimate Cup in Richmond.  Aly's Favorite player is Hope Solo.  She loves to score goals for her team, and thinks her team's coaches and friend are super nice!

George Vassilakopoulas

Congratulations to George Vassilakopoulas of the U11 East End Wizards for being selected as the Virginia Legacy Player of the Week.  George's favorite player is Lionel Messi and he hopes to play for FC Barcelona when he grows up.  He said likes playing for the Legacy because, "My teammates are supportive.  Also, we get to play against many different teams in a lot of tournaments."

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