Legacy 76 - Where We Started, and Where We Are

Williamsburg VA. – At the end of the 2015 NPSL season, Legacy 76 (1-7-2) found themselves dejected, and in real turmoil.  Finishing the season against ASA Charge, who sat in last place, Legacy were issued two red cards and lost a game that summed up their entire season.  Everyone left the field that day knowing we were better than what 2015 brought them.

Legacy 76’s team makeup is different than many you’d find in the NPSL.  Nearly every player on the team has a tie to the Virginia Legacy Soccer Club.  The club loves the opportunity to play in the NPSL because every member of the developing youth component of the club has an avenue to play at a high level while at home during the summer.  During each season, despite the outcome, the team always feels like a family and always feels at home.

While looking on after being ejected in Legacy’s last 2015 matchup, Legacy Midfielder Alec Faulkner said: “We’re better than this. Next year will be different.”  Of course this is what you want to hear out of any player in this situation, Faulkner meant it.  The biggest change between the seasons, any player on the both 2015 & 2016 rosters will tell you, has been the commitment level. 

Behind the scenes, the team officials all knew it wouldn’t be difficult to improve on the previous season and that’s exactly where the staff started.   With the season opener being at home in Wanner Stadium, Coach Darcy and the Legacy 76 earned the best start of any Legacy 76 NPSL season by merely drawing 1-1 with Richmond Strikers and earning a point.  That’s where it started.  The staff joked after each game that we had become the best team for the club to date, until it wasn’t a joke.  By mid season, the only doubt being held about the team’s ability would have been by their opponents who were finding Legacy’s name at the top of the table and undefeated.

Now at the end of the 2016 season, Legacy 76 has clinched the NPSL playoffs for the first time. Several generations of the Virginia Legacy Soccer Club are now bonded as a team and are competing for first place in the NPSL Mid-Atlantic Conference.  Legacy 76 are now 6-1-2 and before their last victory, stated as 12th in the Nation’s power rankings.  Legacy now matchup against Fredericksburg FC to determine the playoff structure in July.  With a win, or a draw, Legacy will be crowned Mid-Atlantic conference champions.

Legacy 76 defender Alfonso Speed of The College of William and Mary says this about this teams history:

“Some of us started playing with the club when we began soccer, including myself.  We watched former PDL and NPSL teams the club has had, who have not made it as far as we have thus far.  It would mean a lot for us to make club history and earn our place among the players we grew up watching. “

Now with the playoffs in the hand, this group of athletes representing the peninsula’s finest are humbled to know the community is proud of them. 

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