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The Virginia Legacy Soccer Club has a long history of placing players into the next level (College Soccer).  The Legacy staff is committed to helping each player boy or girl help reach and achieve their goals of playing college soccer while still keeping them true to finding the right fit for a college.  The college experience can not be solely about athletics and we help players and families understand that the athletics, academics and social environment of each school must fit all the way around for the player to fully enjoy and get the most out of the college experience.  Below are the ways that the Legacy can help your player get to the next level.  

Virginia Legacy Alumni List - (Pre 2000 - 2019) - 300 and growing - Click Here

Personal 1 on 1 
One of the Legacy best services that players and parents can take part in.  The staff (technical director and/or director of coaching) will personally sit down with each player and their families to walk them through the process no matter where on the timeline they may be.  Each initial meeting takes about an hour and the staff covers everything from picking schools, contacting schools, drafting emails to discussing scholarships and how to be a good self recruiter.  The staff is here to help you however much you need along the way to proof emails, establish and/or follow up with contacts for evaluations or to answer a simple question.  This process is similar to the college search process itself and it relies on the player to take advantage of what is offered.

College Night
Legacy hosts an annual college night where we discuss all the same topics in our 1 on 1 meetings but bring in former players and current college coaches for their perspective of the recruiting process that is ever so changing.  Players and parents in addition to all the information needed to get them started or help them along their journey are also given access to Q&A opportunities with the coaches and players to ask them about their experiences, programs or the process in general.  In the past we have had representation from W&M, CNU, Va Wesleyan, Randolph College, Hampden Sydney College and Virginia Tech.   

The Legacy recruiting handbook.  We understand many people are busy and dont have the time to come sit down and meet or may just need a refresher of whats been discussed in past meetings.  The handbook will detail the process from start to finish, what to expect and how to navigate yourself through the process if you want to take a more independent approach.  The handbook will have information about ID and summer camps, how to contact coaches, frequency and all the necessary information to make your life easier.

Soccer Recruits
Legacy has partnered with Soccer Recruits online player profiling, database search and messaging client to help streamline the players recruiting process.  For FREE (U15 - U19 Boys and Girls) have access to every coaches email address, 1 click access to the school and their soccer homepage, as well as messaging functions for the players and coaches to interact and better help the Legacy staff in assisting its players.  All emails are also linked to an online, in depth player profile for each coach to see.  Players can search for colleges by division, distance from home and academics to ensure they are searching for schools that meet all their criteria.

The Legacy's history of placing players into college along with the competitiveness of its teams at the U15-U19 levels allows Legacy to gain access to some of the top boys and girls tournaments in the country. The ability to play in these recruiting events helps the players perform for the contacts they have made for evaluation for that specific program. 

Some of these events are: WAGS Girls Showcase (DC), Jefferson Cup Boys and Girls Showcases (VA), Raleigh NCFC College Showcase (NC), Southern Soccer Showcase (NC), IMG Boys Invitational (FL), Florida Coast Cup and Showcase (FL), Savannah College Showcase (GA), IMG Girls Showcase (FL), CCL Boys and Girls Fall & Winter Showcases (VA), Presidents Day Showcase (VA), Arlington College Showcase (VA), Potomac Memorial Day Showcase (MD)

Player Profiles
The Legacy provides color brochures of each team (U16-U19 CCL) and player with individual contact and academic information as well as jersey numbers, photo, high school, graduation year and list of events attending to be passed out to the college coaches at the different events to make sure they are getting the correct information in an easy to read format.  These brochures are handed directly to the coaches to ensure that they have all the information they need when watching our teams play.

ID Camps
A great way to get to know a campus, coach and get a chance to be seen playing is by attending College ID Camps.  Outside of attending those specific colleges for their ID Camps - Legacy will host each season a Winter or Summer ID Clinic where coaches are brought in to coach adn evaluate the players. 
Click Here to learn more about the Legacy College ID Clinics

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